Residential Junk Removal Experts in Charlotte, NC

Dr. Junk Has the Cure for Clutter

The most common job handled by our Dr. Junk team is residential junk removal. This includes items from any room in a home you could possibly imagine and even the outside of the property. Homes across Charlotte, NC, and the nearby areas are our playground, our office, and our livelihood. 

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Entire Property/Hoard Cleanout

Dr. Junk understands hoarder cleanouts require patience and understanding. Hoarding is a problem as it can be a real danger if an emergency should arise. Hoards make it difficult for emergency response teams to get into a property. Hoarder cleanouts take time and safety measures, and they typically run smoothest if the owner sifts through the items before our team comes to collect the discarded. We will handle hoarded junk removal with compassion and a safety-first attitude.

The Living Room

Is your living room littered with old gym equipment from the time you swore you were turning your life around? How about that untouched treadmill in the corner that has become a catchall for jackets to hang on? Dr. Junk will get it all out of your hair and help find it a new home where it’s needed. This also includes old sofas, rockers, electronics, and other furniture collecting dust and taking up space.

The Kitchen

When something as big as a refrigerator stops working, it can be a tough item to dispose of. No one is going to want to purchase a fridge that doesn’t work, so Dr. Junk helps you responsibly get rid of it. This goes for stoves, washers, and dryers as well.

The Bedrooms

Say goodbye to old bedroom furniture, carpets, and even the mattress you no longer need after purchasing a new one. Mattress removal is one of Dr. Junk’s most common calls. We responsibly dispose of mattresses by removing the recyclable parts and taking precautions against factors such as bed bugs.


Junk removal doesn’t end inside the home. We also handle deck, garage, and shed removal. These often require special equipment and a precise hand in charge. Our experts will take care of your property as though it were our own. We also offer hot tub removal services, during which we’ll cut the hot tub into pieces to haul it all away rather than letting it sit in your backyard unused.

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