Commercial Junk Removal Professionals in Charlotte, NC

Dr. Junk Has the Cure for Clutter

Dr. Junk deals with more than just homes of hoarders and those with some extra furniture to get rid of. We also provide junk removal services for larger properties, including commercial businesses, apartment complexes, and construction sites. There’s almost nothing we can’t haul away for our Charlotte, NC, community members.

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Who Do We Serve?

  • Apartment Complexes
  • Businesses
  • Construction Sites
  • Retail Stores
  • Estates
  • Rental Properties
  • Churches
  • Schools and Universities

Don't Dump - Donate!

A popular commercial type of customer we serve is local apartment complexes. We constantly receive calls about dumpster area cleanouts. Residents of these apartments often throw out perfectly good furniture and other items that can be donated or recycled. Even businesses with hundreds of office items to remove can help keep landfills from overflowing by hiring us for junk removal services. Dr. Junk will recycle as much of your materials and old furniture and electronics as possible.

Construction Site Cleanup

Another common commercial junk removal job we handle at Dr. Junk is construction site cleanup. Don’t let those piles of rubble just sit there in the way of a job; give us a call to come haul it away! From concrete to beams and bars, we will help you keep the site organized and ready for safe work. We will even handle the demolition of small structures to be hauled away.

Construction Site Cleanup

Call Dr. Junk today for more information on our junk removal and hauling prices or with any questions about our hours and service area. As always, we look forward to serving every customer in need of our help.