About Our Junk Removal Team in Charlotte, NC

Dr. Junk Has the Cure for Clutter

When it comes to junk removal after a big cleanout or demolition job near Charlotte, NC, Dr. Junk is ready to help. We’ve served communities across the state for nearly a decade and fully intend to continue doing so for the coming years.

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Where It All Began

The year 2011 marked the start of Dr. Junk, and every day since then, we have been fully committed to running an eco-friendly junk removal business. After each collection, we take donations to their new homes and recycle any items or materials that can be reused in any way. This keeps too much junk from piling up in landfills and puts what might be seen as “trash” back to use in a new way. 

From Passion to Profession

Dr. Junk is owned by Mike and Roseann Feeney, who were both born and raised in New York and moved to Indian Trail, NC, in 2007 to begin their new life together. The day-to-day junk removal operations are covered by Mike while Roseann takes care of the office work on top of her full-time job in social services. Mike’s passion for keeping Charlotte and the surrounding areas clean and junk-free paired with Roseann’s passion for helping others through donations and recycling created the perfect recipe for Dr. Junk to be born.

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As of 2018, we have kept 76 percent of our customers’ junk out of landfills and instead used it to help families in the community by donating any usable items we pick up. It is everyone’s responsibility to recycle as they can, but we make it easy by doing it for you. Call Dr. Junk to get your junk removal journey started.